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About Eurolines

  • Who are Eurolines?
  • The Brand name Eurolines groups 29 independent coach companies operating together Europe's largest regular coach network. This network connects over 600 destinations, covering the whole of the continent. Eurolines allows travelling from Sicily to Helsinki and from Cadiz to Moscow.

    The Eurolines members offer the most competitive fares with no hidden extras. Sea crossings, travel taxes and road tolls are all included in the price. What You See Is What You Pay. Most Eurolines services bring you directly to the city centre. No need to pay expensive transfers.

    The Eurolines Organisation developed for all its members common Quality standards and harmonised the sales and travel conditions. As such all passengers wherever on the network are guaranteed the same level of quality and assistance.

    The Eurolines members use modern coaches with reclining seats, large picture windows, washroom facilities and comfortable legroom. All services are non-smoking.

    Contact details for all partner members here >


  • Quality and safety
  • The safety of all passengers travelling with Eurolines is our upmost priority. In addition to fully complying with national and European statutory legislation for quality and safety, Eurolines has its own quality and safety charter respected by all companies operating under the Eurolines brand. 

    Whilst the make and seating configuration of coaches varies from country to country, all passengers can reasonably expect to travel on quality, modern coaches that as a minimum include these internal features:

    - Reclining seats
    - Onboard toilet facilities
    - Double windows
    - Compulsory seat belts
    - Temperature controlled air conditioning

    More and more Eurolines services are now including free access to WiFi and electric points to charge portable devices. We recommend that passengers ask the agent at time of enquiry/booking whether WiFi and electric points are available on your chosen journey(s).


  • Where do I book a Eurolines ticket?
  • • The start point of your intended journey defines which Eurolines country office you must book with. Whilst tickets can be purchased at a Eurolines local office or by telephone, we recommend that advance tickets be purchased online through the Eurolines country website.

    Selecting your country start point here will open a new tab and take you directly to the Eurolines country website.

  • Travel passes and discount cards. Do Eurolines offer these?
  • Yes. Some Eurolines member countries also have regional discount cards with specific terms and conditions of use that can only be purchased locally. We recommend that you ask the agent at time of enquiry/booking.                           

  • Discounts for children, students, senior citizens or disabled. Are they offered by Eurolines?
  • Yes. Eurolines member countries typically offer discount for these age categories and disabled travellers. However, the level of discount and terms and conditions may vary between countries. The definition of age categories are typically as follows:

    • Infant/Baby: 0-3
    • Child: 4-11
    • Youth/Student: 12-25
    • Adult: 26-59
    • Senior: 60+

    We recommend that you ask at the time of booking if you believe that you could be entitled to one of these discounts and the conditions that apply.   

  • Documents. What official documents are required for travel with Eurolines?
  • The documents required will vary according to age, nationality and the countries being visited and transited. It is the responsibility of all passengers to check and obtain all official documents such as passports, visas health certificates to travel with Eurolines. Here is a link to very helpful website: www.visahq.com

  • When buying a Eurolines ticket, who is my agreement (Terms & Conditions) with?
  • Eurolines is a federation of 32 highly respected coach operators across Europe operating under a united Eurolines brand. The country where a passenger(s) books a ticket(s) determines which Eurolines company passengers' travel contract is with.

    For example, if a passenger makes their booking in the UK at an appointed travel agency, UK call centre or www.eurolines.co.uk, their contract is under the terms and conditions of Eurolines UK.  


  • Children and young adults travelling. What is Eurolines’ general policy?
  • Passengers under 16 years old can only travel on Eurolines services if they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18. If the adult who is travelling with them is not their parent or legal guardian, children will be required to show written authorisation from the parents or legal guardian.

    Passengers between the age of 16 and 18 years old are allowed to travel on Eurolines services on their own if they provide all personal and travel documents required by their country of citizenship for the countries they are travelling to and transiting. We recommend that you ask the Eurolines agent at the time of enquiry/booking to verify the policy regarding the carriage of children and adolescents. 

  • Disabled Passengers. What is Eurolines general policy?
  • Eurolines welcomes disabled passengers aboard our coaches. It is important to emphasise that  Eurolines does not have direct control over the mainly publically owned coach stations and stops  used across our network and therefore the facilities for disabled passengers - particularly those in wheelchairs vary greatly. Eurolines is pleased to provide this link to a list of major city coach  stations where wheelchair assistance is provided. 

  • Are discounts available for disabled passengers?
  • Disabled passengers are generally charged the same fares as all other passengers. However, for  those disabled passengers where their handicap requires a helper to travel, many Eurolines partners will offer a discount for that helper. We recommend that you ask the local Eurolines agent at the time of enquiry/booking for details of their disability discount policy.

  • Can I take my own wheelchair onboard a Eurolines coach?
  • Yes. Passengers must provide their own non-electric, folding wheelchair which will be stored in the coaches' luggage compartment when on the move.

  • Can I take my sensing dog onboard a Eurolines coach?
  • Passengers registered as blind by their national state are allowed to be accompanied by their own registered sensing dog. It is entirely the owners' responsibility to ensure that their dog travels with all the correct up to date documentation and inoculations for the intended journey, including those countries that are transited en-route.  

  • Animals. Are they allowed on a Eurolines coaches?
  • With the exception of registered sensing dogs for the blind, the carriage of any pet or animal aboard Eurolines coaches is strictly forbidden.

  • Should I have travel insurance?
  • Eurolines strongly advises all passengers to take out adequate travel insurance. Some Eurolines member companies offer the facility to purchase travel insurance at the same time.

  • Does Eurolines apply booking modification and cancellation charges?
  • Yes but the amount levied can vary according to the ticket type and must be checked with the Eurolines operator/country where the ticket(s) were purchased. As a guide, these are the modification and cancellation charges that typically apply on the Eurolines network:

    Amendment Fees

    Standard Tickets

    Generally there is no limit to the number of times a standard ticket can be changed providing the fees as indicated are paid each time.

    >48 hours before departure: €3-€5 per ticket

    <6-48> hours before departure: €6-€10 per ticket

    <6 hours before departure: Not allowed

    Promo Tickets

    Only one modification allowed

    >48 hours before departure: €6-€10 per ticket + difference between promo and standard fare

    <48 hours before: Not allowed

    Cancellation Fees

    Standard Tickets

    >48 hours before departure: 25% of ticket price

    <6-48> hours before departure: 50% of ticket price

    <6 hours before and after departure: 100% of ticket price

    Promo Ticket

    Cancellation at any time: 100% of ticket price

  • Open return tickets. Does Eurolines offer these?
  • Yes the majority of Eurolines member countries offer the facility to book open return tickets but please note that there is usually a small administration charge to confirm your return booking. It is recommended that you check the terms and conditions of open tickets at time of booking.

Check-in & Boarding

  • What time do I have to check-in?
  • Always follow the check-in time instructions and departure time stated on your ticket. Generally, passengers should present themselves for check-in no later than 30 minutes before departure. The only exception to this is checking-in at London Victoria or Paris Gallieni where passengers are required to check-in no later than 1 hour prior to departure. Passengers arriving for check-in within 15 minutes of the departure stated on the ticket may be refused boarding.   

  • Where do I check-in?
  • Part of the appeal of Eurolines is that our network of 600 European destinations connects fascinating towns and cities not easily reached by other forms of transport.

    This means that the embarkation and disembarkation points vary from major city coach stations with Eurolines branded check-in desks to more remote locations where the check-in is undertaken by the coach driver.

    Typically at most major coach stations where there is a manned check-in desk, you will be checked-in by a member of staff and handed a boarding card indicating which coach bay to go to.

    In addition you should also be given official Eurolines luggage labels for each of your bags. 

    The exact location of your embarkation and disembarkation coach stop should always be stated on your ticket and/or confirmation documents.


  • Are the coaches branded Eurolines?
  • The majority of coaches operating on the Eurolines network incorporate highly visible Eurolines branding. Occasionally for operational reasons, Eurolines operators have to provide replacement  or additional coaches that are not in Eurolines livery. In such cases, there should always be a temporary Eurolines sign in the front of the coach window.

  • Baggage allowance. What is Eurolines' policy?
  • As a general guide, passengers aged 4-60+ are permitted to take up to 2 X medium size accompanied suitcases free of charge per fare paying customer with dimensions not exceeding 70cm + 80cm + 20cm (170cm) and a maximum total baggage weight of 40kg. There is no baggage entitlement for infants or babies 0-3 years of age. Exceeding the permitted allowance may result in an excess charge being applied in local currency.

    In addition, passengers (4-60+) are permitted to take onboard 1 X item of hand luggage not exceeding 5kg that can easily fit in the overhead racks. 

    On some Eurolines services, the operator at point of departure may levy a small baggage handling and/or insurance charge per item stored in the coach hold. In addition, on some services passengers can for an additional charge pay for additional luggage but this is strictly subject to space availability under the terms and conditions of the operator. It is recommended that passengers ask the local Eurolines agent at the time of enquiry/booking. 



  • Are seats allocated?
  • As with low-cost airlines, Eurolines does not offer pre-booked numbered seats.

  • What is Eurolines’ smoking and alcohol policy?
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke or drink alcohol onboard Eurolines coaches. The coach driver has the absolute authority without recourse to refuse boarding or re-boarding of any passenger under the influence of alcohol who may jeopardize the security or enjoyment of fellow passengers travelling with Eurolines. 

  • Are there comfort stops on the journey?
  • With the exception of a few routes that are under 2 hours in duration, all Eurolines journeys include scheduled and regular comfort stops for passengers to have a brief walk around or perhaps have a snack.

    At comfort stops, it is essential that all passengers re-board the coach at the time specified by the driver; failure to do so may result in the coach departing without those passengers who do not return to the coach by the specified time.   

  • Is there entertainment onboard Eurolines coaches?
  • Today because most travellers have their own mobile devices that provide personalised entertainment, the need to provide in-coach video and audio entertainment has become almost obsolete.

    The use of external speakers or the playing of musical instruments is strictly forbidden and in the interests of fellow passengers, music or films played through personal headphones should be at a level that is inaudible to others.

  • Is there free WiFi and power sockets onboard Eurolines coaches?
  • More and more Eurolines services are now including free access to WiFi and electric points to charge portable devices. We recommend that passengers ask the agent at time of enquiry/booking whether WiFi and electric points are available on your chosen journey(s). We also recommend that passengers carry with them multi-European power supply adapter plugs.   

  • Do Eurolines have helpline number(s) to contact in case of emergency?
  • Whilst the vast majority of passengers travel on Eurolines without problems, it is reassuring to know that you can contact somebody in case of difficulty. Here are our recommendations:

    1. First Option: Call emergency helpline number stated on your ticket documentation that was issued in the country where your ticket was purchased.

    2. Back-up Option: Call the national Eurolines helpline number from the country you are in.

    The table to the right of this page contains emergency numbers -->


  • Are meals provided onboard Eurolines coaches?
  • Eurolines is Europe's leading low cost coach operator. To keep the fares low, we prefer to give passengers the choice on how they spend their money on food and beverages. For this reason, Eurolines do not provide or sell food onboard the majority of services.

    In the interests of fellow passengers and hygiene, it is not permitted to take or consume hot food onboard a Eurolines coach. Hot drinks may be taken onboard provided they are in a suitable container with a lid that minimises the risk of spillage. Eurolines services include regular comfort stops where often hot food can be purchased and consumed outside the coach.

Hotline Numbers

International: +43 1 798 29 00
Austria: 0900 12 87 12 
06.30 - 21.00
+32 227 413 75 24/7
+387 033 770 888 24/7
+359 2 832 10 32 Daily
+385 91 309 0752 Jun-Sep 24/7
Rest of yr 06.00-21.00
Czech Republic  
+420 245 005 245
+420 731 222 111
Sun-Fri 06.30-22.30
Sat 06.30-21.00
+420 731 222 111 Mon-Fri
+370 37 32 22 22
+370 5 233 52 77
Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00
Sat 10:00-17:00
Mon-Sun 07:00-21:00
+33 1 49 72 51 57 24/7

+49 6196 2078-501

Mon-Fri 08.00-20.00
Sat 09.00-17.00 
+36 1 219 8086
+36 1 219 8086 
Mo-Fr 08.00-18.00
Sat-Sun 08.00-16.00 
+353 1 703 2573 Daily
+39 0861 1991900 24/7
Latvia & Lithuania  
+370 37 32 22 22
+370 5 233 52 77
Mon-Fri 09.00-18.00
Sat 10:00-17:00
Mon-Sun 07:00-21:00
+212 5 22 54 10 10 Daily
+31 880 761 777 24/7
+47 81 54 44 44 Mon-Fri
+48 22 621 34 69 Mon-Fri
+40 213 167 782
+40 213 167 783 
+381 11 32 06 960 Mon-Sat 07.00-20.00
Sun 07.00-16.00
+421 2 55 42 27 34 Daily
Spain - Barcelona Region  
+34 933 674 407 24/7
Spain - Madrid Region  
+34 902 422 242 24/7
+46 31 10 02 40 Mon-Fri
+41 79 309 81 39
+41 79 309 81 51 
+44 8717 8177 08:00-22:00 7 days a week