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Travel shouldn't cost the earth

Travelling by coach is the most environmentally friendly form of public transport. When you travel by Eurolines instead of by car, you are reducing your carbon emissions.

There is a table below which shows mileage between some of our most popular destinations, with the amount of carbon emissions produced per person when travelling by car, versus travelling by coach.

We're in this Together

Because travelling by coach is the most environmentally friendly form of public transport, Eurolines is now a member of The Climate Group's We're in this together campaign.

We're committed to growing the use of public transport, by making travel simpler, as well as taking steps to improve the efficiency of our operations.

Find out why the coach is a carbon offset and the role we have to play in the low carbon economy

John Gilbert Copenhagen

Eurolines President John Gilbert of Eurolines attended the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen to promote the environmental benefits of using coach when travelling through Europe.

One of the biggest challenges facing policy makers following Copenhagen was how to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases from the transport sector.  There are two main reasons for this:

New low carbon technology is expensive and not yet commercially available

By opting for Eurolines instead of plane or car, you can reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 80%

Demand for travel continues to rise

Most people think of the train as the most efficient form of transport but the best low carbon way to travel is actually coach. 

By opting for Eurolines instead of plane or car, you can reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 80%. This is exactly the scale of reduction Scientists are telling us to make.

The chart below has examples of typical European journeys and the carbon generated by different modes of transport.  Each Eurolines coach emits around 20g CO2 per passenger kilometre - based on a loading of 38 passengers per journey.


Modes of transport (kgCO2/pass journey)*





Coach (Eurotunnel)

Coach (ferry)

London to Paris






London to Amsterdam






Copenhagen to Hamburg






Vienna to Prague






*Data from Ecometrica

This clearly shows that by choosing coach, travellers can make a huge net saving in greenhouse gas emissions. In the low carbon economy Eurolines believes it should be able to trade the net carbon savings to further invest in its services.

John Gilbert, President of Eurolines, said: "Moving forward we see a far bigger role for the coach throughout Europe.  We know it is the greenest mode of public transport but most people don't. To meet each individual country's carbon targets following the summit, this must change."

"A lot of work is being done to promote electric cars but they are severely limited in the distance they can travel.  The coach network can support electric cars as it will allow people to use public transport when travelling long distances and cars when travelling locally. These simple steps will allow everyone to lower their carbon footprint without dramatically changing their lifestyle."

Using the coach is not only better for the environment; with Eurolines it is also an affordable way to travel to over 600 destinations in Europe, plus customers can buy a single ticket for their journey and travel across multiple countries.

Eurolines members offer the most competitive fares with no hidden extras. Sea crossings, travel taxes and road tolls are all included in the price - what you see is what you pay. Most Eurolines services bring you directly to the city centre, with no need to pay expensive transfers.

Eurolines is working in partnership with the International Road Transport Union's Smart Move campaign to promote green and safe travel inEurope.

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